Mehnaz Fatima Visit to our office

On the 4th of September, the CEO of The Mehnaz Fatima Foundation, Ms Tahira Sher, with her team, visited the Goodwill Skills Development Centre. Ms. Sher, being familiar with the Goodwill team led by Farhan Baig assured that MFF will partner with Goodwill on

Skills Development

Encouraging Disabled Individuals

Working Towards Greater Equality and Gender Equality

as both parties met earlier in June MFF’s first intro.

GBGM’s commitment toward disabled people.

We’re wholeheartedly committed to making a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities. 🙌 Offering free skills training to empower them towards a brighter future. Together, we’ll break barriers! 💪#EmpowerAbility#inclusionmatters

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