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Disconnected from the Economy. The Economic Burden.

In an economy like Pakistan, all economic resources must be pooled to stabilize the financial system. An economy dictates how a country will progress, rather than the slogans of Karl Marx or other socialist parties. We saw how Russia under Lenin fell and then under Stalin became a failed system. Without discussing greater political history, this war between ‘ ableism and disabled,’ a much more significant loss, is felt by the disabled community every day and every month of the week.

An earlier article on this website that reviewed evidence showed Persons with Disablities can benefit the economy. It also opposed Marx’s ideas of being an Ideal Man suited for work. Lit Review: Nonetheless, there was no follow-up after that because it was understood that this was important, the rights for PWDs in all forms of employment. However, now, it is a wake-up call for all private and governmental agencies to employ Persons with Disablities in Gilgit Baltistan.

Economic analysis for Persons with Disablities (updated September 2023)

Using the British Council 2014 lens, Pakistan’s economic Growth Rate is predicted to be at . 22% [1]  as BC showed in 2014 that Pakistan could lose 6.3% of its GDP due to the exclusion of persons with disabilities (PwDs). So what does this indicate? Firstly, it shows that Pakistanis [2]  are not interested in accommodating PWDs. Secondly, it shows that there has to be serious dialogue for employing a disabled person. Remember, if you are employing a disabled person, it can open different avenues and revenue generation schemes.


Without including Persons with Disablities in Gilgit Baltistan, one can not boost the economy, as shown by the British Council Data.

[1] Reuters probably have not considered the British Council data.

[2] In this context, referring to the Pakistani government

Ghulam Baig

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