Visiting KADO.

On the 2nd June 2023, CEO Ghulam Muhammad Baig visited the KADO head office with his team, which included President Farhan Baig, VP Khushan Bano, and Shah Zuhaib, a student of GB Goodwill Movement. During their visit, KADO also formally introduced the Mehnaz Fatima Foundation, an organization that stimulates lives through quality education & Inclusive services. The main points that GBGM covered in this visit :

  1. Inclusive Representation needs to be across the board.
  2. The 3% Quota needs to be implemented
  3. A further follow-up should be met.

Speaking at the meeting KADO, CEO Khayam Muhammad Baig said that GBGM is a valued partner in all projects related to PWDs along with CEO Tahira Yasub of the Mehnaz Fatima Foundation. Tahira Yasub emphasized the need for more disability awareness amongst PWDs. Both Ghulam and Farhan thanked the other speakers and highlighted there is more of a need for

  1. A needs-based assessment of individuals
  2. More inclusive representation within the governance bodies of NGOs including KADO and Mehnaz Fatima.
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