We Are A Non-Profit Organization That Works On Causes Related To Persons With Disablities.

GBGM is Registered under the Provincial Government of Gilgit Baltistan under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance (1961). Our registration number is J6(16)/425/2021.


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About Goodwill Movement

Helping Disabled people is helping humanity

ABOUT US Gilgit Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement is a disabled-led organization. GBGM was started as a social media forum in 2019 by its founder Ghulam Muhammad Baig, who has cerebral palsy and currently studies International Relations and History at Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Having been educated and trained in the UK since Primary School, Ghulam’s ambition was to campaign for the cause of persons with disabilities in Gilgit Baltistan……………..


We are a trusted charity in Gilgit Baltistan.

Give Right Place​

The potential for positive change in the lives of disabled individuals is influenced by the opportunities present in their surroundings.

Organisation & Programs

A compilation of resources within an organization that are strategically aligned to achieve specific objectives.

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I am a recently retired Mathematics Teacher who was employed for 28 years in Ashton (formerly Ascraig) Secondary School in Glasgow, Scotland. This school was established to provide a mainstream education to young people with physical disabilities. The personnel employed by the school included teachers, physiotherapists, speech therapists and classroom assistants. I was Muhammad’s Mathematics teacher from his First to Sixth Years, at the end of which he left school (June 2017). From early on in his secondary school career Muhammad impressed me with his determination to overcome the challenges presented by his disability (cerebral palsy) and to succeed as far as possible in his studies.His willingness to work hard was clear from a young age and increased even more as he matured. He developed a real understanding of the barriers to learning experienced by students with a range of disabilities. His fellow students in Ashcraig included young people with conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, visual and hearing impairments, and autism spectrum disorders. Muhammad always displayed an interest in classmates and an empathy towards them. It therefore does not surprise me to see that he has now founded the GBGM devoted to improving the lives of disabled people Muhammad demonstrated a clear commitment to equality and diversity issues, speaking passionately about such topics
Lyn Patterson

This letter is being provided in support of Gilgit Baltistan Goodwill Movement’s (GBGM) activities to sustain their work with the Differently Abled (DA) population of Gilgit area. We have known GBGM’s leadership for over three years and have financially facilitated some of their activities in support of their mission. During this period, we have found the leadership to be very conscientious in executing their duties and accomplishing GBGM’s goals. We are really impressed with their desire to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the DA population, especially in the GB area. They have worked hard to lobby the federal, state and local governments in Pakistan in support of their DA activities. We were fortunate to have met some of their leadership and staff during our visit to GB in September 2022. The visit provided further evidence of their commitment to DA population and reaffirmed our own desire to continue to work with them for a foreseeable future.
Dhanani Family
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