First Product of GBGM sold onto the ELECTRIC MARKET

We are thrilled to announce that the Goodwill Movement has officially launched its groundbreaking product today. At Goodwill Movement, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities and creating meaningful employment opportunities for them . 💪🌟 Recently we announced that team Goodwill Movement was working with its students on a LED Bulb Project . Today we have distributed 24 LED bulbs to a Sost Based Company. Though this is a small step, it is a big step in the rights of disabled people to become employable. We hear disabled persons cannot be employable, but the results show otherwise.

Again this is a small step, but it shows that with patience over time, disabled people can gain employable skills. Without dwelling on the past, individuals should know that disabled persons are equal in every aspect of life and well-being. This negates the view that disabled persons can not be employable. As far as the society is concerned, it should be known that when working with Persons with Disablities, though it takes time, results can be found. With such great news, team GB Goodwill Movement appeals to both the government, private and different cooperate that please reconsider your stance on the 3% quota for PWDs in GB.

As far as the next steps we will not only display this to government officials, but to private entities and individuals. Individual visitors can join our cause by supporting us on or by sharing this post with your family and freinds.

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