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Meeting with Force Commander Northern Areas

His Excellency Major General Kashif Khalil, Force Commander Northern Areas, recently held a round table discussion with the team from the Gilgit Baltistan Goodwill Movement, focusing on the pressing issues faced by persons with disabilities in the region. The meeting aimed to foster a collaborative environment where stakeholders could openly discuss challenges and strategize potential […]

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Murtaza Abad Hunza Village in Winter Covered in Snow.

Relations with the Chief Secretary

The Team Goodwill Movement extends its heartfelt gratitude to Chief Secretary Gilgit Baltistan for graciously hosting us. We are deeply appreciative of the warm hospitality and support extended to our team during our time in Gilgit Baltistan. Several key issues were addressed, with accessibility emerging as a central theme. We engaged in productive conversations regarding

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Gas costs $2.170 per L

Inflation Rate and cost of a disabled persons’ life

With inflation rates soaring to a staggering 28.5% in Pakistan, the economic burden disproportionately affects individuals living with disabilities. This alarming inflation moving beyond Eid and Ramadan, not only undermines the purchasing power of the general population but also exacerbates the financial challenges faced by disabled individuals and their families. For them, the impact of

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Eid Mubarak

Eid 2024

As Eid 2024 draws near, the GB Goodwill Movement is filled with gratitude and appreciation for the generosity of our cherished donors. With heartfelt thanks, we extend our deepest gratitude to our existing donors, whose steadfast support has been the cornerstone of our mission’s success. Your unwavering commitment has enabled us to make a meaningful

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Iftar 2024 with the disabled community

Tonight, under the auspices of the Gilgit-Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement, a heartwarming Iftar dinner event unfolded, radiating warmth and compassion towards individuals with disabilities. In a gesture emblematic of solidarity and support, the community gathered to embrace inclusivity and champion the empowerment of those often marginalized. Amidst the comforting ambiance of shared meals and camaraderie, a

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Brand ambassadors

In recent years, Goodwill, a renowned organization dedicated to empowering individuals through job training, employment placement services, and other community-based programs, has garnered the support and endorsement of numerous celebrities. Despite the undeniable benefits such endorsements bring in terms of visibility and credibility, Goodwill acknowledges that this particular area can often be challenging for brand

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Our mission is theirs – GBGM and ICare Pakistan

Karachi 11.03.2024 On March 11, 2024, ICare Country Director Syed Hasan Ali and GB Goodwill Movement’s CEO Ghulam Muhammad Baig made a commitment to collaborate on supporting Persons with Disabilities throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Director Hasan Ali expressed appreciation for GBGM’s efforts towards the differently abled members of society. He also affirmed that

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