The Guide for Tourists in Gilgit – Disability Inclusion invite

Many tourists traveling to Gilgit Baltistan during the summer period will be interested in the mountain ranges, the food, and the culture of Gilgit Baltistan. Tourists will not be aware that there is a history of People with Disablities struggling for their rights as of today. In the World, PWDs are marginalized, with 16% of them making up the global population. In Gilgit, the awareness surrounding persons with disablities has only begun.

The Gilgit Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement provides free training to Persons with Disablities in IT skills, Led Bulb Making, and hopefully tailoring and stitching in the near future. We all are graduates from different universities who are struggling to further the cause of the disability rights movement.

Our skills development center/office is in Zulfiqar Abad Gilgit, near ChCha Chai. This is near the main bazaar of Gilgit. We hope that you can find some time to visit the Goodwill office and ask any questions that you may have.

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