Accessibility And Disability Awareness – Updated Article

Farhan published an article on what measures are taken for PWDs by the Government earlier on, Now being in Gilgit; I want to further update this with a focus on accessibility and disability awareness in relation to the city but what we are doing.

As you may know, Gilgit has a very unpredictable terrain with summer being the ideal travel season, though for PWDs, it is not. When we visited for official work at ZS Plaza, Gilgit, there were no lifts or ramps in the Plaza. For those who aren’t aware of Gilgit, ZS Plaza is situated near Heli Chowk which is the main hub of Gilgit. Liaising with different people and organizations there, I found that there is not a proper accessibility planning system until recently.

At the training center of GBGM, despite the terrain being inaccessible keep two wheelchairs at our parking bay which either a student or one of our cabinet members pushes. This is what we mean by transportation difficulties as there are no proper means of transport than personal transport which most disabled people do not have access to, and so we are also looking for some help in this regard.

Many disabled people want to come to us but are limited because of transport issues.

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