Networking in Scotland with the Scottish Labour Party Leader.

On the request of the CEO of Gilgit Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement – GBGM, Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Baig was hosted by Mr Anas Sarwar, local Scottish Labour Party leader and leader of the joint opposition in the Scottish Parliament. Mr Sarwar is the first Scottish Pakistani Labour Leader to serve in the Scottish Parliament and has served in the past in the National Health Service as a dentist, serving the local community.

Mr. Sarwar said,’ This is an opportunity for us to work together on the disability issue in Pakistan and Scotland.’ Mr Sarwar agreed to support the GBGM in his capacity. Mr. Baig thanked him for his support. Other items which were discussed on the agenda were: How can we work together for the disabled community and the other was how can they create a positive image of disabled South Asians within their community.

Some of the main points which were discussed were how both parties could contribute to disability awareness among Scottish South Asians, creating a positive image of South Asians Persons with Disablities in Scotland, and how they can further this aim in Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan.

If every opposition party leader entertained GBGM, as Anas Sarwar did, then we would have been a more inclusive society in Gilgit Baltistan.

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