Helping the deprived during Eid – is that it? Full stop?

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. I wish everyone a happy Eid (wherever there are) and wish you and your family a blessed holiday (for those celebrating it in Pakistan). I will not take up much of your time, as many want to head out rather than read a long article. However, I digress and take up some of your time.

Like other festive periods such as Christmas or the New Year, Eid is a time of individual reflection. For example, am I heading in the right way? What changes do I need to make to ensure I reach my goals? For an organization, it is different: partly as it is a cause and partly due to one’s own experience. In my personal view, I think my trip to Gilgit was needed for the organization, and somewhat it helped me communicate and express myself but more importantly, it helped me realize what I was missing. For instance, you can see that my previous articles predating May 2023 were not as concise or were waffly, but now I think it is more straightforward. Speaking of Personal Awareness, one has to also reflect on organizational awareness.

As far as meeting the team and my very hard-working students, I think there is a need for better organizational awareness schemes which the government can introduce. When outlining my vision at Karakoram International University, for a split second or a minute or two, I was reminded of all the things I have experienced in the UK ( where I currently reside) and being in Pakistan that all humans are humans on this earth. It does not matter which color or race you are. So while I was stepping up to the podium to give my speech, I was thinking of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) in many ways easily: 1 – implement the 3% quota that was promised in the Gilgit Baltistan Disability Act 2019 and 2 – Intergate the PWD community in society.

I know that the second task is said easier than done, as in developed countries this is not even the case: however, we need to realize that this is the way forward for all PWDs, whether one lives in Gilgit, Ishokmen, Hunza, Nagar, Gupis or Yasin. Until one does not integrate PWDs, there will be an injustice as seen in the recent budget (

  • So what are the solutions that we propose?
  • Run more awareness programmes with the youth to focus on social inclusion
  • Develop more skills development-based learning programmes so that Adult PWDs have the trait or skill to become more employable.
  • Focus on their abilities rather than disablities.

The issues can be solved by these three initiatives, but the government is not willing to support any of these initiatives for the long term!

This Eid we require your support and donations more than ever to expand and sustain our projects.

Please donate today.

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