Developing Linkages with Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness (PFFB) has actively participated in activities to create awareness about visually impaired persons. On the 13th of July, PFFB visited Goodwill Office.

During this significant meeting, the agenda focused on rehabilitating visually impaired individuals and championing their rights. The discussion aimed to raise awareness and find practical solutions to support their inclusion in society. As part of this visit, white canes and assistive devices were distributed among visually impaired individuals. These tools will empower them to navigate their surroundings more confidently and independently. 💪

The collaboration between PFFB and GBGM is a beacon of hope for visually impaired individuals, ensuring that their needs and rights are acknowledged and addressed. We are working towards a more inclusive and accessible society for all. 🌍❤️


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