Visiting Gilgit for a cause

Every year, I visit Gilgit for the cause of disabled persons within the region. I visit it not only because of personal reasons but to serve the NGO free of cost. This time in April, I visited Gilgit to see how we can further amplify the Goodwill message in government and private sector offices.

Over the following few articles, I will explain my reasoning behind visiting particular spaces and places. However first of all, it is important to hear the voices of the unheard in society. Victors do not shape history, people do.

In my 1st meeting with the cabinet in Gilgit, we held a discussion on the issues of persons with disabilities. Not only that each and everyone had a say in this lengthy meeting. The common issues are the same for all people including persons with disabilities such as

  1. The lack of electricity
  2. Poverty
  3. Unemployment

These significant issues along with being a person with disabilities is hard. My main aim during this visit is to further social development of the PWD cause. One can understand that there may be challenges, but at the same time this region is blessed with people being educated up to 90%

Is this not irony, while some groups suffer for no good reason?

Ghulam Baig

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