Students Missing music classes

Fawad Alam Khan, a young gentleman with visual impairments, plays the Rubab ( Dam Ham Dam Ali Ali – Fawad). Born in the region of Gilgit Baltistan, musicians like Fawad are ignored due to their disabilities. Goodwill Movement took earlier steps like these schemes teaching people like Fawad but classes had to be downsized as no secure funding due to a lack of funds. Earlier music lessons.

Rationale of cancelling it

As this is a disabled-led organization, we were confident that this would improve communication skills, as Weiss states; however, due to the economic situation, a tough decision had been made to postpone it, further delaying progress in this field.

As a community organization, we were thoroughly disappointed by our actions, but when there was no government support to ensure consistency, the tough decisions had to be made.

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