Our reaction to Mr. Amjad Hussain’s Statement in GBLA

With all due respect to Amjad Hussain, the Leader of the Opposition, for raising a voice about persons with disablities, we do not accept the fact that special persons should only receive a stipend of 2000 Pakistani rupees (10$) per month. This is a highly irresponsible comment to say within these economic circumstances. Instead of giving us 10$ per month, why does the government not introduce educational, skills-based programs that we can use to empower ourselves.

That being said, Hussain’s intentions provided a hope to GBGM that under a future People’s Party Government, persons with disablities would be addressed as an issue. Regrettably, Under the PTI Government, persons with disablities have been ignored. No work is being done on education, training, and skills development by the government apart from institutes such as the Goodwill Development Centre and Darulhunar Skills Development Centre.

We request Amjad Advocate to reconsider his statement, but more importantly, we ask the government to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, collaborate with disabled persons from herein. PTI Should design such programs for the disabled community.

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