Persons with Disabilities in a society. The role of civil society – 1

A society can not flourish without persons with disabilities contributing to it. However, persons with disabilities in the developed world are not disabled; in fact, some have even addressed them as differently-abled. Therefore, regardless of the semantics, persons with disabilities should have the right to education, whether from Ghizer, Hunza, Astore, or Gilgit. The Government cannot be just blamed for disability exclusion; CIVIL SOCIETY IS ALSO RESPONSIBLE. For example, in Q2 of 2021, Disability employment increased within the UK; this shows that the incompetence of the CIVIL society in Pakistan failed to recognize that most disabled people with competence could earn a living through online means. For instance, Enterprise. The UK says that Working from home is ideal for those with disabilities. However, many tech companies in Gilgit failed to see the pandemic as a way of inclusion training for persons with disabilities.

This is a mere example and the tip of the Iceberg. It can be found within every aspect of GB society, from schools to hospitals; the inequity in dealing with clients with disablities is immense. Many disabled people with medical conditions can not get treatment due to poor health facilities, or sometimes a doctor is unwilling to treat them without fees. GBGM aims to change this, but we need your support and help!

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