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Meeting between Goodwill movement and Amna Begum Welfare Trust

President Farhan and his team of the Goodwill Movement, recently presided over a crucial meeting with the responsible members of the Amna Begum Welfare Trust, focused on addressing the challenges faced by disabled individuals in Gilgit-Baltistan. This meeting marked a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts to uplift and empower this marginalized community.
During the meeting, Chairperson Amtul Kareem passionately reiterated the Trust’s unwavering commitment to fostering the autonomy and skill development of disabled individuals. She stressed the importance of recognizing their invaluable contributions to society and emphasized that neglecting this significant portion of our population impedes the progress of any community.
Amna Begum Welfare Trust, as part of the Goodwill Movement, stands firmly dedicated to providing comprehensive support and assistance to disabled individuals in Gilgit-Baltistan. The Trust firmly believes that empowerment and nurturing are essential elements in ensuring a more inclusive and equitable society.
Under leadership of President Farhan, the Goodwill Movement and Amna Begum Welfare Trust will work in tandem to create an environment where disabled individuals can thrive and maximize their potential. The collaborative efforts will focus on the following key areas:

  1. Autonomy: The Trust will work diligently to promote the autonomy of disabled individuals, recognizing their rights and facilitating their active participation in decision-making processes at all levels.
  2. Skill Development:
    Amna Begum Welfare Trust, with the support of the Goodwill Movement, will implement comprehensive skill development programs tailored to the unique needs and abilities of disabled individuals. These initiatives aim to enhance their employability, self-reliance, and overall well-being.
  3. Awareness and Advocacy:
    The Trust will actively raise awareness about the rights and capabilities of disabled individuals, combating stigmas and stereotypes that hinder their social integration. Additionally, Amna Begum Welfare Trust will serve as a vocal advocate for inclusive policies and practices at local, regional, national and international levels.
    Amtul Karim expressed her utmost appreciation for the invaluable work of goodwill movement and reiterated the Goodwill Movement’s unwavering support for their initiatives. Farhan emphasized the importance of collaboration and collective efforts in driving positive change and ensuring a more inclusive society for all.
    As the partnership between the amna begum welfare trust and goodwill movement strengthens, there is an unwavering determination to overcome the barriers faced by disabled individuals in Gilgit-Baltistan. By fostering empowerment and skill development, we can create an environment where every individual can flourish, regardless of their abilities.

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