International day of persons with disabilities 2023

Gilgit Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement Celebrates International Disability Day with a Call to Action Gilgit Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement, December 4, 2023

– Today, the Goodwill Skill Development Centre in Gilgit Baltistan echoed with the spirit of empowerment and advocacy as officials from the Social Welfare Department, Government of GB, joined forces with Mr. Israr Uddin, Regional Coordinator of the Human Rights Commission, to commemorate International Disability Day. Serving as the esteemed Chief Guest, Mr. Israr Uddin brought focus and commitment to addressing the challenges faced by individuals living with disabilities.

Amidst an atmosphere of unity and purpose, representatives and disabled individuals presented a comprehensive charter of demands to the government.

The goodwill movement highlighted several critical issues, urging immediate attention and action: 1. Implementation of Quota and Business Rules: • Enforce the 3 percent quota for the employment of persons with disabilities. • Ensure strict adherence to the business rules outlined in the GB Disability Act of 2019. 2. Freeing Special Education Hostel: • Immediate release of the special education hostel currently occupied by NAB, enabling its intended use for persons with disabilities. 3. Establishment of Skill Development Centre: • Prompt establishment of a dedicated Skill Development Centre for persons with disabilities. • In case of delays, extend support to all Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) actively engaged in skill development initiatives in Gilgit Baltistan. 4. Regularization of Employment: • Regularize the employment status of all persons with disabilities engaged in various projects and contingencies in Gilgit Baltistan. 5. Upgrading Special Education Center: • Upgrade the existing Special Education Center from middle to high school level, expanding educational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 6. Support for Special Education Schools: • Supply essential support and appoint necessary staff in Ghizer and Chilas Special Education Schools. • Ensure the functional status of the ready building for Special Education in Ghizer and address the non-functional aspect promptly. 7. Expansion of Special Education Schools: • Establish Special Education Schools in all districts of Gilgit Baltistan to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities.

The collective voice of the disability community resonates with a call for action from the government, seeking proactive measures to address these pressing concerns. Mr. Israr Uddin emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts, stating, “It’s our collective responsibility to create an inclusive society where every individual, regardless of ability, has equal access to opportunities.” This International Disability Day marks a pivotal moment in Gilgit Baltistan, signaling a unified demand for change and progress towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

Farhan Baig

My name is Farhan Baig, and I am the President of the Gilgit-Baltistan's Goodwill Movement, a charity organization dedicated to serving people with disabilities in the picturesque region of Gilgit-Baltistan. Despite being visually impaired, I have embraced my passion for radio and work as a Radio DJ, using my voice to entertain, inform, and inspire others. Education has always been a crucial aspect of my life, and I am proud to have completed my Masters in Political Science from the prestigious Karakoram University in Gilgit. This academic achievement has provided me with a solid understanding of political systems, governance, and policies, empowering me to make a positive impact on my community. As the President of the Gilgit-Baltistan's Goodwill Movement, my primary goal is to uplift the lives of individuals with disabilities in the region. Through our charity initiatives, we strive to promote inclusivity, equal opportunities, and empowerment for those who face physical or mental challenges. By organizing events, workshops, and awareness campaigns, we aim to create a more inclusive society where everyone can thrive and contribute to their fullest potential. Personally, my journey as a visually impaired individual has allowed me to develop resilience, determination, and a unique perspective on life. I firmly believe that disabilities should never be seen as limitations but rather as opportunities for growth, innovation, and advocacy. By sharing my story and experiences, I aspire to inspire others to embrace their own capabilities and overcome any obstacles they may encounter. In addition to my work with the charity organization and my role as a Radio DJ, I actively engage in community activities. I participate in public speaking events, where I address important issues related to disability rights, social equality, and education. Through these platforms, I strive to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and foster a more inclusive society. My ultimate vision is to create a world where individuals with disabilities are fully integrated into society, where their rights are respected, and where their voices are heard. By combining my academic knowledge, my passion for radio, and my dedication to advocacy, I aim to make a lasting impact and improve the lives of people with disabilities in Gilgit-Baltistan. I am grateful for the opportunities and support that have shaped my journey thus far, and I remain committed to my mission of promoting goodwill, equality, and empowerment for all.

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