A lesson for GBLA – Disabled Activism and Politicians.

I was recently invited to the event Our Care About Us: Disabled People and Social Care event on Thursday, 10th August 2023, organized by the Glasgow Disability Alliance, where different personnel from the government, disabled organizations, and other members came together for an  Annual General Meeting of Assessing the Social Care Sector.

Summary of the Social Care Bill

The Self-Directed Support Act of Scotland 2013 was a bill passed by The Scottish parliament that enabled disabled people to choose the care they need. Despite this, the government in this event was critiqued for :


But further, Robust Guidance for Policies was recommended to The Scottish Government, 

This was a surprise for me as I would have freaked out if this was the case in Gilgit: but to her credit MSP Marie Todd, the Social Welfare Secretary, emphasized that things needed to be changed for PWDs in Scotland. Also, what was surprising was that the officials of the Glasgow Disability Alliance were involved in policymaking at the highest levels of government.

Lessons for the Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly.

Glasgow is no bigger than Gilgit: why is it the case that the GB Government has established might is the right policy? Addressing disability was also an academic query presented by Dr. Bunner of Glasgow University, whose research interests inform the government of ethical practices. Why are we not doing this in Gilgit, where there are more disabled that need the support of the government?

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