Young Leaders in Persons with Disablities in Gilgit Baltistan

I had subconscious foreign biases while crossing Dassu and going to Chilas. These biases include to what extent Persons With Disablities were independent enough from their families to struggle for PWDs. I predicted 20 to 25% percent – I was wrong; more than 100% of them were separated in their circles. Now what do I mean by independent – I mean the ability to express themselves and coherently structure their viewpoints.

I was pleased to see how people at Goodwill development center could speak for their rights (see video below). Based on this, I outline some routine exercises below that the team at Goodwill Center does, which raises other important questions.

Every morning at 10 am, the team starts their routine exercises. Farhan teaches students four basic computer Skills with Hakim Bhai at the LED Bulb Station. Next, the team sits down to reflect upon students’ mistakes and catch up with them about their problems. This usually happens late afternoon after 1 pm. The team with Farhan then catches up with any other external work that must be done away from the office.

So this raises questions one for us and one for the government or the powers.

  1. How long are we going to keep silent and pretend that there is no work being done on the ground?
  2. Are we going to other them for the rest of our life?

These questions might be met with no response, but we will keep doing our work. No matter what. Goodwill will always promote grassroots leadership from the ground. These young leaders want nothing else than to live in an inclusive society. I see it as a wasted opportunity if we do not give them time to flourish.

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