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Why are the people of Gilgit Baltistan trusted? What benefit does this have to our mission?

Many past sociologists have contested whether one’s environment (nurture) or whether one’s genetic code influences one’s life chances (nature). Whether you are on either side of the debate, facts cannot be distorted. We are told by many people what is the success rate of this (skills development center). We often have to gather evidence, write reports, etc., but let it be known that the People of Gilgit Baltistan are, if not the most accepting of disabled people at the moment, will be in the years to come because education is evolving daily within the region.

Investing in Gilgit Baltistan’s Disabled Society is a smart move.

While one investor should know the problems of disabled people in Gilgit Baltistan Home, one should also consider the environment of Gilgit Baltistan, its educational attainment and the general background of the area. While many of the problems are highlighted on this website, let it be known that evidence has come from reputable sources, including Ijaz Shigri’s report that highlights ‘ Gilgit Baltistan is open for education as net enrolment is high ‘ Shigri, 2016. Moreover, the Al Jazeera report of education thriving in Hunza supports Shigri’s viewpoint, but how is this related to disabled people? Behaviourism!

Conformity and Investment

Many investors lack the psychological knowledge of Behaviourism within human beings. Applying Stanley Milligram’s 1961 obedience experiment, we can say that disabled people will be ambitious to compete with their non-disabled counterparts. We see this on social media, but more often than not, the obedience experiment Reflects human behavior. The point I am trying to make here is with such a competing environment, disabled people of Gilgit Baltistan will over the time use this psychological hack to their advantage.

Any evidence to back your claim up?

Like we said whether you are on either side of the debate, facts cannot be distorted. The Sociology Head Zubair Ahmed of Gilgit’s KIU talked about a disabled student Muhammad Rafi who said that Rafi now can access notes due to Goodwill’s work Zubair Ahmed’s speech. Likewise many videos on our YouTube channel shows that students are gaining the skills which is reflective of our actions Goodwill Channel.

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