The Romans and Disabled Culture

If there is one place where global society learned its structures, it was Rome, home of the Romans.  The Roman Civilisation, modern-day Italy has historical facilities which tourists can learn from.  Rome is a tourist destination with a historical significance nowadays and in the past.

Hidden Social Meanings found within its buildings and surroundings

Rome is diverse, from the Vatican City to the Coliseum, but with that, Italians appericate their history and reflect upon the past mistakes that were committed.  Academics have highlighted that, like in Pakistan these days and across the world, Depending on one’s status, impairments would have more or less an impact on their daily life.  Read more; for instance, the ‘Great ‘Julius Caesar experienced many seizures.

Secondly, in terms of the present-day Vatican, Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, after ten at night, lets people experiencing poverty in Rome sleep in his Gardens palaces.  What message this brings is that even though the Romans and the Roman Church argue that there is a move away from feudalism to socialism, even though people might critique and suggest that feudalism is within the churches, which I agree with, there is a time and place to critique such people.

Romans versus the Pakistan Elite

For the latter part of the discussion, let’s assume that the Brits have taken this Aspect from the Romans/Italians.  Can the Pakistani Elite not do the same for PWDs?  Are we suggesting that the Pakistani Elite are much bigger than the Romans?  Sania Nishtar’s programs, such as Ehsaas and HealthCard, pushed the Social Welfare Agenda, but why was it stopped, especially for PWDs?  Where is that agenda?  A Unjust Budget


Gilgit Baltistan has a rich history, but unlike the Italians, the feudalistic structures still remain within society. We must treat disabled persons the same, no matter whether they are poor or not.

Ghulam Baig

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