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The meaning behind hiring – Project and External Affairs Manager

Dear Candidate

I trust this message finds you well. I hope you can spare some time for introspection regarding your interest in applying for the vacant position.

Allow me to elucidate certain crucial aspects that merit your consideration.

A long way to go yet

In this movement, of PWDs development not just within Gilgit, but within Baltistan, every NGO has a goal : to make society more inclusive. Our enduring structural plan hinges on three pivotal components: 1) effective project management, 2) the capability to execute plans proficiently, and 3) the acumen to discern tangible results

Not every non-governmental organization (NGO) espouses a specific long-term mindset, and such discretion is well within their prerogative : nonetheless, every NGO wants good for disabled people. So we have to bring in individual reforms at every level

You & Project Management

At Goodwill, you will have the liberty to express your own insights, opinions, and perspectives. The intention is not to appoint a “yes man”; on the contrary, we seek individuals who embody the following ideals for this field of work:

A. Aspire to catalyze positive change for the disabled society.

B. Envision transformative shifts in individual behavior.

C. Advocate for the integration and flourishing of disabled individuals within an egalitarian society.

At Goodwill, the emphasis is not solely on generating the most creative reports but rather on fostering a collaborative environment where shared contributions are valued.

Which fields can I bring change in?

  • Gender equality
  • Disablity rights
  • PWDs and social rights
  • PWDs and employment rights
  • How can we change institutions within society


In Goodwill, as in many organizations, supervisors generally seek tangible results. However, the nature of these results may vary based on the approach of measurement—whether quantitatively or qualitatively. Nonetheless what we are concerned about is whether such measures can help disabled people in whatever field they choose to go, for example Khushan.

The only thing that matters is whether Goodwill, makes a change in a person’s life : whether that is a huge or a small change

The only question now is are you ready to join us? 👇👇👇👇👇

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