The Critical Thinking Process –  Why do people think Disable bodies are not able to do something on their own when they can?

First, let me say that some individuals will not like this article as it addresses the disabled cause objectively without considering emotions and feelings. I am sorry for this; however, it needs to be addressed. Given that ableism is rampant worldwide, there is a need to address the elephant in the room, which is why disabled groups are ignored. Every visitor has their opinion, of course. Still, given that disabled people are running the organization, there seems to be a bit of conflict due to groupthink regarding ‘ whether we’ are professional enough to run this organization. I will argue that we are and have shown results, as you can see in the articles we publish regularly.

On the contrary, I would argue that as society has become more desensitized through Social Media, disabled people have become more victim-like and cannot do anything. I understand that organizations need to present extreme cases as we do. Still, we also need to realize that disabled people can keep ‘ the ball rolling,’ which we are trying to convince the public, individual, private and governmental organizations. I am sure that most people do not realize when they advocate ableism or othering the disabled community. However, if you look at policy papers in other countries, for example, ‘ In April to June 2017, 17% of working-age people in the UK were disabled, ‘ who contribute at least a million pounds to the British economy in tax. Likewise, many other countries USA and Bangladesh, have PWDs contributing to it. I am trying to illustrate that disabled people should have an employee-employer relationship, which can benefit the latter. Though the UK needs to improve its statistics, these economic formulae allow society to be relatively stable. So why is it the case that we can not see this? It is due to this victim-like narrative, which we know is not valid in most cases. That’s why we need private investment to overturn this and to help those extreme cases.

Let me give you a real-life example; yesterday, I contacted a disabled person who has an undergraduate in Maths but due to their disability, they cannot be offered a job in GB. They would have at least had a chance to get it in any Western Like Country. Donors ask me if you can easily set up a maths tutoring session for the disabled person, but we have limited resources to do every task due to insufficient funding.

That is why we are appealing in Ramadan to give a disable person a chance in the future. Again no donation is small, please donate today.

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