Social Work for an excluded community? What was the point? A Ray of Hope

In the 21st century, life moves on; individuals move to cities, countries, towns, or villages; team GB GWM noticed that there was no work for the disabled communities who have been excluded from society. Society is defined as a social product created by the actions of individuals that then exert a coercive social force back on those individuals. Through their collective consciousness, Durkheim argued, human beings become aware of one another as social beings, not just animals. Can a society prosper if some people are excluded from social life?

No. This organization aims to bring the best talent to the center of GB Society, where these people can interact and contribute to society.
We request all individuals to think about this! Most of our cabinets have visuospatial difficulties, meaning that we cannot see correctly or can not see entirely. The reason behind GBGM is to provide some hope to those who are blind to learn such skills which they could use in the future.

These images represent our work with the Social Welfare Department in May 2021

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