Doctors and Disabled people

April 2021 :

As witnessed during this pandemic, we all need doctors, especially our disabled community. For example, during the first wave of COVID-19 in Gilgit Baltistan, two doctors helped us identify a Ghizer patient who was hypoglycemic and had some form of Autism or mental health issues. The patient’s family desperately needed medications ranging from 25,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR.

Though GB GWM has only limited resources, despite this, all our efforts were on this patient and guaranteeing her and her family the support that she needed. The resources were provided by two doctors who are working in the NHS. Unfortunately, GB GWM could not support her further due to a lack of resources. However, this raises questions for the GB medical community.

Is it not the responsibility of Govt hospitals to identify such cases and design a social healthcare plan for such people.

  1. The patient was not attending a school; why is there not a social care plan or policy which protects the rights of the patient.#
  2. Civil Society should raise awareness of such events.

Though GB GWM had limited resources at the time, it still appeals to civil society to take care of this individual. Please note in cases like this, GB GWM does not give out personal information; instead, it hopes that government and civil society will work together in harmony to resolve this issue.

We request doctors to work with the GBGM closely.

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