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Psychological Warfare – To Judge or Not to Judge?

Looks and appearance majorly influence human beings’ actions .  They know their actions when someone says, ‘ I am only human.’ The last article, which mentioned fear, did not go in-depth about how a disabled person interacts in society the previous article.  When representing an organization, an individual jumps into the flight or fight response when they have to report objectively – Political or social Government policies.  However, Humans rely on the aesthetic – Looks and appearances- which is superficial but needs to be addressed.

Seeing a disabled person

When one sees a disabled person walking down the street, one automatically gets into this sympathetic mode: which is acceptable; however, the person could be a scientist or a researcher, which one does not assume.  It is this aesthetic factor that makes us sympathetic.  In Gilgit Baltistan, though one should have sympathy, it does not mean one should think they are incapable of working or studying.  Why should we assume anything when we do not have information?  I recently met a person I took to the training center in Gilgit who initially could not comprehend how technology made it easier for disabled persons to interact with the world wide web.  These situations are terrible to witness because it shows you that the aesthetic matters rather than the personality or the mind.

Silent Workers

The other thing is that most of the time, Persons with Disabilities do not want to disclose information about their disability often because they feel that society will ridicule them for their ‘ health issue.’ During these last few years, I have interacted with many disabled persons – from Pakistan and beyond who would not be concerned about their health issues simply because society will not accept them. We are working on a couple of cases that involve individuals due to their disability not getting any jobs Mumtaz’s story. .

These issues need to be addressed, as basically, one is saying that because of our psychological thoughts, a disabled person should not be employed. Even in Islam, the main religion of Pakistan says that disabled persons should be treated equally.

So who are we to judge based on looks and appearances

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