Liaising with Non-Profit Organisations

The Key to liaising with A Non-Profit Organization in Pakistan is whether they meet specific goals and objectives. The Government of Pakistan defines our organization as an organization that works for the welfare of disabled persons, social welfare act (1961).

The Problems of the Region

Gilgit Baltistan Goodwill Movement only works within the region of Gilgit Baltistan. The organization wishes to see

  • Increase access to education and training for people with disabilities.

•          Provide affordable healthcare services to people with disabilities.

•          Promote social inclusion and reduce stigma towards people with disabilities.

•          Provide assistive devices to enhance the mobility and independence of people with disabilities.

•          Improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing food and shelter.

In the case of Gilgit Baltistan, the awareness of Persons with Disabilities is extremely low. the National accountability bureau (one of the leading institutes of the government of Pakistan) has illegally occupied the accommodation of the  Special Education Complex within Gilgit: which in summary, was a boarding school-like accommodation for disabled people Pamir Times Report on Disabled People. This then leads to adult employment being hindered, as discussed many a times on this website blogs. It is one thing for human rights organizations to dedicate themselves to supporting and voicing the human rights of political workers but not for disabled people across the country.

Call this a conclusion, but it is factually accurate as disabled people are voiceless in the country even though they are a more significant majority of the State of Pakistan Nation’s report.

Taking Back Control

More than a few times, I have been told how disabled people can progress with such laws. It is time we take back control, I say. Not in a radical way, may I add. But in a way in which the government and local initiatives like ours work together. On different forums, I have suggested this, but with the ambitions that we have, we need moral support as well as financial support in Gilgit Baltistan.

If governing structures are not strong enough, we must make them more robust by liaising with different organizations and individuals my vision.

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