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The Mass Media creates fear about disabled people.

We always grew up with the quote ‘ there is a time and a place ‘ for a particular situation or scenario.  It depends on which part of the world you belong to.  Some may say it differently; some may say it in lovey-dovey lingo.  Nevertheless, this conflict or psychological warfare between the Ables [1] and people with disabilities has not ended rather escalated thanks to the mass Media.  To put it another way, Global societies have to an extent always depicted the disable (s) as victims [2] .  Why?

Assessing the disabled victim card

One of the LinkedIn Posts that stood out was when a disabled activist said ‘ Why hasn’t the government been able to establish even a single Skills Development Center in Gilgit-Baltistan for the training of PWDs from 1947 until now?  ‘ Farhan Baig’s profile.  This is significant because it shows the incompetence of governments and similarities across political spectrums and ideologies.  If one were to look  at the United States, a relatively new nation-state, it would also be a perfect fit because it  also has unequal treatment of disabled persons.  For example healthcare provisions, Obama Care vs. Private Care.  India would also fit this model.

Thus, the disabled victim card suits the few and not the many which is why disable people are victims and this fear factor was instilled into the masses by the Mass Media Earlier review.

The Mass Media uses and misuses

 The internet especially Social media is the power now.  Everything and anything can be retrieved on it : from the writings of Milton Friedman to Qanon and everything else.  From a movie angle, the disables are a great fit to play victims.  That is why I believe that people do not see the value in engaging with disabled people, not because X isn’t a great person, but because Jim Parsons who plays a fictional character, [3] has created in the mind of Y that X will be Sheldon.  So everything is messed up inside our judgments: we say one thing and do the other because we are limited in our creative thoughts and individual judgment. People tend to belief that the world reflects what is shown rather than what is not : to put it another way, people don’t have time to think, read and judge about disabled people.


The Mass Media creates fear in society about disabled people.

[1] Using plurals of groups

[2] Ibid.

[3] In the Big Bang Theory

Ghulam Baig

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