Why disabled people suffer? What needs to change?

Today, Gilgit Baltistan Goodwill Movement distributed food rations to the members of the disabled community within Gilgit City. This was a package sponsored by Al Khidmat Foundation Gilgit Baltistan. The Food ration included Dahls, Tea Bags, Cooking Oils, Sawyeen and Rice, which would support a household for the Eid activities and hopefully for some months beyond. However, the question remains without organizations such as GBGM and the Al Khidmat Foundation, who have consistently supported the needs of the disabled community and needy persons during such festive periods. Without such organizations, no disabled member would have been recognized, let alone acknowledged by the decision-making authorities. GBGM would like to go beyond this and explore what happens to such people after such periods. They get ignored. Disabled people have zero income within GB as a community.  

We talk of social stratification, development and etc, but nothing has been introduced to prevent disabled people from jumping up the social mobility ladder. Without considering GBGM’s contribution, disabled people feel like the underclass, a term used by the Right Wing Sociologist Charles Murray. Though some people do not like this term, it is very much a REALITY in some cases. That’s why GBGM is trying to bring a radical change; that’s why we work towards our goals of inshallah one day becoming a more inclusive society. In these economic crises, how will a disabled person cope let alone take care of their family. Just Imagine this.

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