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Which actors play a role in Inclusive PolicyMaking?

Now that we have defined what ethical governance should look like, I want to refocus on which actors, both state and nonstate, can play a part in inclusive policymaking for PWDs.

Donor Agencies

Gilgit Baltistan is a very remote region of Pakistan; some would even argue that it is smaller than Chitral as this is associated with KPK province and the government of Pakhtunkhwa. Nevertheless, GB has established institutions such as the Aga Khan Programmes under AKDN that could work on this issue, but due to a lack of resources and inclusive representation within AKDN, it can not achieve all its aims for the local communities.

Similarly, other local organizations work within their remit but can’t due to a lack of funding, and I would say for all organizations, including the GBGM, Government funding should be the top priority. As I said in an earlier article, all local (international disabled organizations) receive allotted funding from regular bodies. I used the example of the Glasgow Disablity Alliance,, which highlights that GDA gets funding from the EHR commission, The community fund, and the Bank of Scotland: which are local governmental and private entities: should the 18 Lakh PKR in the recent budget not have included a subclause relating to the employment of PWDs?


After being in the NGO work for more than two years, I can now fully say that, like business partners, we need donors who can trust us and who can trust us with blind trust, and we can build that trust. Visiting Pakistan and traveling back and forth to the West, we imagine that not everything is legit in Pakistan, but the same thing can be said of the UK or US. Two examples that come to mind are the FDA’s crackdown on Shkreli drugs and Boris Johnson’s PartyGate scandal.

Though these examples seem far-fetched, nothing is 100% perfect, be that in the West. However, coming back to our NGO, donors must be assured that follow-ups about their donation will be met within 1 to 2 days of the donation. If people want to contribute in the short term, that is also fine. People can make queries about their donations. Our emails are checked daily so donors can follow up or specify where they want to spend their contribution or even for further information.

So please feel free to donate to our cause:

Paypal policies

Though Paypal is our preferred Payment option, this is an international standard as NPOs such as the Khan Academy even use PayPal.

Researchers/Academics or students

Or if anyone does not fit into these categories, they might want to advocate for GBGM using other methods. As they say, the Pen is mightier than the sword. Some may use the Pen to support GBGM. Academics who want to research this field or students should contact us as this topic is unique in the Gilgit Baltistan Context. We would help you with your primary source research or secondary source research.

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