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What is your vision?

This article is dedicated to those who want a more explicit message of the vision of Team GBGM for Disabled People.

Due to the conventional academic writing style, our content is sometimes like a news report.  Understandably so because it needs to inform the audience irrespective of their values, beliefs, and how they perceive ‘ Persons with Disabilities ‘ in the global society that we live in.  Perhaps our website’s aims and vision section is ‘ management talk.’ Our aims,  rather than thoroughly detailing the methods that will use and what we want to see in our society, Gilgit Baltistan, for Persons with Disabilities as a result of our efforts. What is our vision?

Setting the targets

Keeping in mind that most people want to get information very quickly, the vision for the next five years of GBGM is

• Gilgit Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement will actively seek employment opportunities for as many of our current students as possible.

•        Provide future training for another batch of Persons with Disabilities so that they can make a livelihood for themselves.

• Continue work on Skills development Projects and advocacy for Persons With Disabilities.

• Work with the GB government on Skills development and advocacy initiatives.

• To Continue our IT, English, and LED Bulb Making skill development projects.

• Start projects such as mobile repairing and other vocational skills within the next five years.

• Provide Food, Shelter, and Medicine to Persons with Disabilities in dire need.

• Make GBGM self-sustainable so that within the next five to six years, GBGM can start its own Hunar (Skills) businesses or freelance approaches, meaning that the organization can move towards more of a self-reliant approach.

Evaluating Public Attraction

Social Media – Hits versus realities.

One of the things we realized, especially when communicating on social media, is that due to the influx of misinformation, people do not realize the immense difficulties that PWDs face in Pakistan, more specifically GB.  Rather people live inside Silos, where they only observe their own beliefs irrespective of the truth, as the premise of the book Two Paths: America Divided or United shows.  Why is this the case?  The Bystander Effect  So, should we accept this as the truth?  We live in a world where populism, AKA not caring for social issues, people aren’t doing anything  ‘ bad.’  Let them be them ‘ is the premise no matter what the condition of disabled people is worldwide.

For example, the education case is just the tip of the iceberg; many other cases need attention: but as this is a website that provides facts rather than misinformation that people have spread, the website does not get views, instead, we are stuck in this war of having a predetermined vision, which sadly often has to be redefined by on-ground activities actions and movements in fighting for equal disabled rights, what issues the org has to tackle.


One does have pre-set knowledge of the circumstances of what issues the Pakistan disabled community faces, especially in Rural areas like Gilgit Baltistan. With the targets being defined, in the future, GBGM wants to see :

· Increased access to education and training for people with disabilities

Provide affordable healthcare services to people with disabilities.

Promote social inclusion and reduce stigma towards people with disabilities.

Provide assistive devices to enhance the mobility and independence of people with disabilities.

Improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing food and shelter as a result of their actions


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