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Technology and Disability. Ableism versus Positivism

What is Science? How can it be used as a tool?

If one were to say what Science is, one would define it as the study of objectivity. If one wanted an extended definition, one could add to be objective is to be impartial and report on their findings. Whether one is aligned with the natural sciences or the social sciences, Auguste Comte’s principle of positivism, which is if one can see, one can testify, predict & hypothesize. However, Science has been used by the worst of the worst, like those scientists serving the Nazi Regime of the 1940s and eugenicists like Hitler.

Nevertheless, why is there a lack of awareness about how people with disablities can be helpful in society: it is because eugenicists over the years have said that disability is a sickness. Terms like differently abled and disabled, though, might not be used offensively, but it still shows that society, through Science, justifies Ableism.

The Digital Revolution should have been a Disabled Revolution, but it can still happen now in Gilgit Baltistan for PWDs.

In areas like Gilgit Baltistan, where village/country life is possible, the digital revolution should have included Persons with Disablities. Rafi (2021) reports for the IMF, ‘ Their inclusion and empowerment is essential, as it benefits not only the person with disabilities but also family members, who are more likely to leave their jobs to care for relatives in this situation. ‘ Moreover in Gilgit Baltistan, if we assume that 50% of the population are villagers then if there could be a skills development initiative succeeding in India, why can not disabled people follow in this project in Gilgit Baltistan,

Reinvesting in Gilgit Baltistan with an educational purpose

While individuals and businessmen have invested in the area of Gilgit Baltistan in areas of

  1. Hotels
  2. Lands
  3. Other projects

The digital market still requires people from the region, and according to Rafi’s IMF report, Excluding people with disabilities from the workforce can lead to a loss in a country’s GDP of up to 7%

We want investors to reinvest in a more inclusive Gilgit Baltistan through our organization.

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