Society and Disability


Everyone has a family and community in the sense that people are connected via friendships, blood relations, and professional connections in society. I mean everyone who can talk, walk, and communicate. It is one thing to say, but it is another to implement.

When we remark that the government or the Department of Social Welfare is responsible for caring for the disabled community, it does not mean that each person is not doing it; instead, it is the talk of the whole institution (Webinar).

Detailed Governance issues

The fact that there is conflict begs to differ as to why the GB community does not respect disabled people, as it is very clearly the case. Sorry to say, but multiple factors, such as Stigma and Social Pressure, cause this issue. What is the reason that the community is scared of us? Why are there no proper R&D resources? What is going on here? Recent issue

These are good questions, but they are being asked in the wrong communities. When will there be accountability for these marginalized communities?

Otherwise this by stander effect, allows families to have unrealistic expectations or beliefs about what is considered “normal’ and may attribute disabilities to negative factors which is irrationa, immorall and unscientific


That is why we see families and communities adopting carefree attitudes. A political consensus can not be reached until there is a sociopolitical solution to granting Human rights, individual and social rights to persons with disablities. The state has to take care of the communities

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