Social Rights in Pakistan

Wherever there are political, economic, and social crises: regardless, can practice his own freedom of expression and religion. Regardless of tensions within the nation – the right to roam around in a state as a free rider. One has his social rights.

Regardless of governance in Pakistan, the individual, the free rider can practice his own freedom of expression, religion and so on. This article is a narrative rather than a guide for Persons with Disabilities, about the unjust treatment of disabled people.

The right of education

Education is a right for all defined by the UN and other international agencies such as UNICEF. The global average intake of school pupils is 5 to 16, an early part of Childhood moving into Adulthood. The biological changes that take place during this period are for most, if not all, children. Regrettably a disabled child is not allowed to particpate in schooling as it will affect the norms of society. In areas like GB and KPK where tribalism exists, this is more so of the case.

Right to healthcare

Healthcare facilities are not disabled-friendly. Wherever there is a chance, healthcare professionals ignore Persons with Disabilities. In Gilgit, where there is a smaller community as compared to Islamabad or Lahore, healthcare is not being standardised for the disabled community. For instance a key part of our work, is data entry but most of the time, we do not have the accurate information of CNICs and whatnot. This is a public health failure.


The famous Pakistani People’s Party Slogan ‘ Give bread, clothes and a state-controlled or autonomous. is one of many that BB’s party gave. For more than 70 years, whether state controlled or autonomus, governments have been selling these slogans. Why? There was a famous social prottection policy being implemented in GB? What has been done about that?

Other Rights

Even a decent walk in the park or the JamatKhana or the mosque is not permissible by the social norms values of Pakistani society. This has to change. People have to stop playing GOD in Society

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