Serving the Disabled Community and Signing an MOU with Manzil.PK

On the Occasion of the Muslim tradition of Laytal A Qadr (the Night of Power), Gilgit Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement held an Iftari for the disabled community and signed an MOU with Manzill is the first private company in GB that offers ride services to GB citizens and by recognizing our voice, not only have they committed to a closer partnership on working with GBGM for disabled rights but also pitching for equal opportunities in society.

In Ramadan, Muslims are meant ‘ to fast,’ but there is always the literal meaning and the acts of kindness that Muslims can do after Ramadan. We signed an MOU with today because both parties will facilitate organizing awareness sessions and policy advocacy for the differently abled persons in GB. Manzill, the first-ever ride-sharing service in Gilgit Baltistan, has shown that disabled citizens deserve to be treated like Equal Citizens in society.

The thing about policy advocacy is that a large audience or group needs to be committed to our goal. The first goal is to implement the 3% quota system for employing persons with disabilities, and together with Manzill, we can but we need your support!

Join us in fighting the injustices of society TODAY

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