Reflection of Visit of Social Welfare Secretary, Gilgit Baltistan

3rd August 2022 :

The Right Honourable Social Welfare Secretary, Mr. Najeeb Alam, visited Gilgit Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement Skills Development Centre. President Farhan briefed Secretary Alam on the challenges of the Centre, which were discussed in the documentary below. While speaking to Alam, Farhan said, ‘ we have a vision of training persons with disablities, so that they can create an earning for themselves’/ As witnessed in the COVID 19 pandemic, online work is still preferred even as we have come out of lockdowns.

Secretary Alam acknowledged the efforts of GB GWM. While Farhan briefed Alam, he was pleased to see that Students benefited from GB GWM, but he also understood that TRANSPORT is a significant issue. Alam also appreciated the students efforts. On his departure, Secterary Alam promised future closer partnerships. As CEO, I would like to thank secretary Alam for his kind words, but I would also like to remind readers that they can help contribute to this issue. TRANSPORT is one of the major issues that we are facing as of now.

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