Public Opinion of Disabled People of GBGM

A typical view from an ableist perspective is that all disabled people have the same thoughts, emotions, and feelings. While that is true to a sociopolitical extent, I argue that until one can not imagine or to visualize it, one can not focus or implement their vision/agenda. While the government can enforce X, Y, and Z Policies, they will only be instilled within society if people respect Persons With Disablities. But, of course, everyone can refute our claim suggesting that we respect Persons with Disablities in Gilgit Baltistan. However, we are not talking about Personal Respect but rather Institutional Respect.

What is Institutional Respect versus Personal Respect? It is where a set-up, whether government or private, ensures that equal opportunities are met within a set framework. We do mention it in passing, but until institutions (professional individuals) within GB respect the rights of Persons with Disablities, there will still be an ongoing issue that we need to tackle through their help So what can be done to ensure this? At an agency level, local and national institutions can be more transparent with the disabled and find out what: 1. Is the problem around us being employed? 2. Was there any past experience that prevented institutions from reaching out? 3. Is the environment not safe for PWDS?

That is why GB Goodwill Movement started to ensure that PWDs are to an extent part of the social discourse, but we need immediate action on the part of the institution in supporting GB Goodwill Movement. Where ever there is a will there is a way. That is why we started the organization to put the forefront of disabled rights issues in GB. All your donations count towards disabled people in GB.

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