Our Vision for Society is based on our experiences.

Personal tragedies are often depicted in the dark. Individual achievements are often boasted about. To understand one’s problem, one has to experience it. Sometimes in life, personal tragedies become one’s opportunities. If one were to think of our experiences, at some point or the other, we, as disabled individuals, gave up. Often the case, one’s own identity was questioned. When I look back on my own experience, I could not be more thankful for this opportunity to serve humanity, serve my community and share my experiences with my fantastic team in Gilgit.

Woodrow Wilson once said, if you would be the leader of men, you must lead your generation and not the next.’ Wilson\\’s sentiment stands with GBGM as he talks about how leaders are made. To show someone the way is not unnecessary interference; instead, it is necessary. All members of GBGM have faced difficulties, but if we give up right now, we are not doing the next generation a favor. In a David Letterman Show, Letterman quoted Obama as saying,’ My son in 20 years from now will say, wait a minute you knew about this problem, but you still did not do anything to resolve it\\’. That’s the ideology of the GB Goodwill Movement

We, disabled people, must be the driving force for change! Without it, no one will drive change.

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