Empowering Women through Art and Music


The Goodwill Movement, in partnership with AKRSP, orchestrated an impactful arts and musical event aimed at empowering women with disabilities. Held at the Special Education Complex in Gilgit Baltistan, the event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of over 40 women. It spanned two hours, beginning at 11:15 AM and concluding at 01:20 PM.


The event featured a diverse range of activities tailored to the interests and abilities of the participants. Women with disabilities engaged in various forms of expression including music performances, drawing sessions, and handicraft exhibitions. This comprehensive approach ensured inclusivity and enabled each participant to find a mode of expression that resonated with them.

Distinguished Guests:

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed guests who have been staunch advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities. Among them were Mr. Fida Hussain, Secretary of Social Welfare, Government of Gilgit Baltistan, Miss Jamila, Social Welfare Officer of the Gilgit Baltistan Government, Mr. Farhan Baig, President of Gilgit Baltistan’s Goodwill Movement, Miss Halima Sadia, Principal of Special Education, and Miss Tasneem Zehra, Chairperson of Dar ul Hunar Foundation.

Empowerment Through Speeches:

Throughout the event, distinguished guests delivered powerful speeches emphasizing the rights of persons with disabilities, with a particular focus on women with disabilities. Their speeches served as a source of inspiration, urging society to recognize and uphold the dignity and rights of every individual, irrespective of their abilities.

Talent Showcase:

The event provided a platform for women with disabilities to showcase their talents. Participants demonstrated remarkable creativity and skills through drawing, handicrafts, and singing competitions. The talent exhibited was not only impressive but also a testament to the capabilities and potential of individuals with disabilities.

Recognition and Appreciation:

In acknowledgment of their achievements, shields were awarded to the position holders in each category. Women securing the first, second, and third positions in drawing, singing, and handicrafts competitions were honored for their outstanding performances. This gesture of appreciation aimed to encourage and motivate the participants to continue pursuing their passions. Lunch was also distributed to guests, officials, and participants.

Advocacy and Networking:

The event served as a platform for advocacy, fostering networking opportunities among participants and guests. Media coverage highlighted the talent of individuals with disabilities, promoting awareness and understanding within the broader community. The event underscored the importance of inclusion and showcased the abilities of persons with disabilities to non-disabled individuals.


The arts and musical event organized by the Goodwill Movement served as a symbol of empowerment for women with disabilities. Through a blend of activities, speeches, and talent showcases, the event celebrated the abilities and accomplishments of individuals with disabilities while advocating for their rights and inclusion in society. It exemplified the impact of community support and collaboration in fostering an environment of equality and opportunity for all.

This event not only provided a platform for self-expression but also promoted awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. Moving forward, it is imperative to continue advocating for the rights and empowerment of persons with disabilities, ensuring their full inclusion and integration into all facets of society.

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