Challenging the Joint Family System via the Goodwill Model.

In Pakistan, when disabled persons sleep, they think, ‘ What have I done to my family? Why do they deserve this ‘. Unlike other topics, disabled people can only think, and when expressing their opinions are just ignored. Since we have covered Ableism and the destructive effects of disablity exclusion, let us now consider a Joint Family Household Case Scenario. In household 1, we have three families. Family 1 has two children, Family 2 has four children and Family 3 has six children. Family 1 has doctors; family two has teachers; family 3 has laborers. Across all these families, 1/3 of the children are disabled, and all have the substantial income to take care of their disabled children, who receive no education, are cognitively not challenged, and are excluded from social events. This is a typical case scenario of a household within Pakistan and GB.

GB is a relatively liberal area in regard to freedom of speech, expression and etc, but when it comes to disabled rights, no one wants to accept their disability. I know that might sound like an opinion rather than facts, but subjective opinion counts rather than objective regarding families and relationships. Many people are terrified of it that ‘ what others will say. ‘ Many times disabled persons feel a burden to their loved ones. I was reading a comment online that ‘ before I was disabled, I used to do X and Y,’ and now the opposite has happened. It is an emotional subject. I get that, but raising your children like that is not good parenting.

Regardless families have to stand up for their disabled children and ask for their EQUAL HUMAN rights from society. I remember one time someone from a Whatsapp forum stated’ that when an abled person can’t get a job, why do you expect a disabled person too.’ Of course, this is an ignorant fool, but these statements contradict our Psyche. Even in Islam, the treatment of persons with disablities is a command from Allah, and in the Prophet’s time, he appointed Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum as his companion in his travels.

So this is why we need to work on employing persons with disabilities themselves. Unless you show the world you are capable, the world won’t respect you. It is as simple as that. Until you start impacting one family, others won’t follow. Everyone does not have to agree with me. But feel free to share your opinions on my articles

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