Economic Development cannot come without Persons With Disablities being employed.

Economic Development cannot come without Persons With Disablities being employed.

The economic issue has always existed in Pakistan, one way or the other. This is because an economy runs on a Workforce. However, being one of the youngest populations, the government has missed a trick in its workforce to resolve its economic crises. In this day and age, where a country’s financial position is determined internationally, one has to wonder why other countries, such as Britain, a G7 member, have progressed. Moreover, some may argue that the political situation in Pakistan has been relatively unstable over the past decades. Yes, one may get away with that argument. Still, I suggest that Private and Government organizations do not realize that minorities such as Persons With Disabilities can be employed, which can boost the economy.

My argument follows a Marxist theory of Alienation & Capitalism. Though I do not subscribe to this theory myself, if we take his approach and apply it to the GB context, there are limited means of production which means limited alienation, which equals limited wealth. Therefore, despite Global Problems due to the Ukraine and Russia War at the moment, The Government of Gilgit Baltistan should view Persons with Disabilities as additional Human Resources. Though I don’t mean that PWDs should be just considered resources, my argument is purely a theoretical one rather than an emotional one.

Globally today, the media uses terms like ‘ the workforce. ‘ However, the concept of a workforce is significant as it boosts one nation’s economy and can reduce an economy. Take, for example, the UK. According to its Government website, there were 4.4m disabled people in employment in the UK in Q2 (2021). These four million people would have contributed to some revenue generation in terms of Tax. Though GB does not have a legal tax system, The Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly has recently passed a bill in which it will have the power to collect revenue (Nagri,2022). Though details are unclear at the minute, the main point is that the GB government now has the chance to recruit more employees from which they can deduct revenue. This can only be possible if the government employs PWDs under the 3% Quota Act 2019, as a government collects revenue from its hospitals, schools, and employees. Thus when the government employs PWDs, more revenue generation will be gathered.

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