Climate Change and Persons With Disablities.

Climate Change and Persons With Disablities.

Journalist Shabbir Mir’s Report on Flooding in Gilgit Baltistan and particularly Gilgit city is a matter of concern. Gilgit Baltistan, home to more than 20 peaks of over 6,100 meters (20,000 ft), including K-2, the second highest mountain on Earth (Wikipedia), has flash flooding. Locals have described it to be heavy flash flooding. Most say it is to be found within the Ghizer side, with Gilgit City being affected as a result of limited internet connection located within the city. A local reported that flash floods are unexpected; these kinds are rare. While these floods are irregular and unprecedented for a disabled person, we believe early disaster management should have been implemented for such cases.

The Pakistani delegation at the International Climate Change Conference (COP26) should have included Gilgit Baltistan representation; with that, issues should have been highlighted at a national level. However, no governmental body is entirely responsible for this at a provisional level; instead, multiple bodies at the National Level should have planned early intervention for such unprecedented events. The UNCHR states that ‘Persons with disabilities are often among those most adversely affected in an emergency, sustaining disproportionately higher rates of morbidity and mortality, and at the same time being among those least able to have access to emergency support.’ Therefore in this emergency, GB GWM urges all communities and individuals who suspect of PWDs endangered by these floods to contact the number shown on our website or leave a comment on our social media feed so that we can at least raise awareness via Social Media and inform relevant government personnel about such individual cases.

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