Our mission statement for the next year

14th August Message. Jashan E Azadi.  Our Nation, Our Mission for Persons With Disablities.

On 14th August 1947, Pakistan became a new nation. Its founding Father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, set out clear principles for Pakistan. Though some other quotes of his are widely remembered, Jinnah, in the constitution, set out Article 25A, which protects minorities. Article 25 states, ‘ All citizens are equal before the law and entitled to equal protection of the law.‘ But unfortunately, regardless of political affiliation, Persons with Disablities have not been treated equally for the last 75 years of Pakistan, and especially Gilgit Baltistan.

Persons with Disablities are as patriotic as any other Pakistani, but we as citizens must realize that there has to be a Political Discourse around Persons With Disablities. For the last seven decades, there has been research, suggesting that the policy around PWDs is not implemented even though it exists. More specifically, one has to credit disabled activists in Gilgit Baltistan for highlighting this issue on Social Media. Social media can be a tool that can lead to change.

Secondly, from this date onwards, Our aim at GB GWM will still be to engage the political discourse. GB GWM is a social organization that aims to uplift disabled people. We would like to engage with the Foreign Diaspora of GB. This diaspora has to realize that they have the power to bring social reform and social change. Without a foreign diaspora leading the way for social change in GB, GB GWM can not bring drastic reforms to disability-related causes in Gilgit Baltistan. We hope that by the Next Jashan E Azadi, GB GWM will be able to support more persons with disablities, improve the status PWDs in GB and work with individuals to bring societal reforms, improving the causes of Persons With Disablities in Gilgit Baltistan


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